California DMV Online Car Registration

If you’re looking to process your CA DMV vehicle registration look no further! Typically people would visit a department of motor vehicles office in California, but there are online alternatives which can save you tons of time let you avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the DMV. Registering your vehicle can take place in a DMV office, online, or through the mail. Complete DMV Online Registration is now available to take care of all your CA DMV car registration needs.

Just a few items are required in order to register your vehicle online. Before you begin you must have the last 3 digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for each vehicle. You must also have your Smog certification or have a passing smog test result on file with DMV, if the department of motor vehicles has requested this for your car. Next, simply fill in your license plate number along with your expiration date and zip code and hit calculate fees for a total registration amount due on your vehicle.

Before checkout, you will even get a breakdown of registration fees. Similar to is the California State Department of motor vehicles official site, which offers a wide array of resources such as California department of motor vehicle forms, explanation of CA DMV registration fees, and California department of motor vehicles office hours. [Online vehicle registration] services are also available through the DMV. There are so many resources available to renew your registration or get insurance online, there’s very little need, any more, to visit a DMV or insurance company office. So, get on your pajamas and check out the numerous online car paperwork options today… or tonight, or whenever!

Points: You’d Better Watch Yourself, When Driving.

A negligent Class C operator, according to the state of California vehicle Code, is an operator with four or more points on his driving record in a twelve month period. If an operator has 6 points in 24 months or 8 in 36, he is also considered a negligent driver and the department has to option to suspend the driver’s license, place the driver on probation or revoke the privilege to drive from the driver altogether. Points assignation for Class A and Class B drivers operating commercial vehicles are one-and-one-half times the point count assigned Class C operators. Violations occurring as a pedestrian or bicyclist don’t carry any point assignation. Drivers under 18 may receive driving restrictions for as little as two points in twelve months or their license may be suspended for 3 or more points in a twelve month period.

What are points exactly?

Points are assigned to specific violations. Disobedience to a traffic officer, for example, is a single point violation. Other single point violations include driving in a bicycle lane, driving on the sidewalk an disregarding a non-student crossing guard. Two point violations include evading peace officers and reckless driving, transportation of explosives, exhibition of speed and a DUI.

How Do Points Affect Me?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles tracks points. If you get too many points in a given period, you are considered a negligent driver and adverse actions can be taken. Suspensions, probations and even the revocation of an operator’s privilege to drive can occur for drivers with too many accumulated points. In addition to having a drivers’ license suspended or revoked, your insurance carrier is going to increase your insurance premium for each point assigned to your driving records. The more points on a driving record, the higher the risk.
So, if you’re thinking about driving on the sidewalk, racing your friend in his new WRX or rushing that old lady across the street, rather than giving her the right-of-way, think what it might cost you first and then decide if it’s worth it.

DMV.CA.GOV Has a New Look!

California DMV website gets a facelift

I guess the California DMV must have decided, at some point, that their online services were insufferably out of date. In response to this, the DMV has updated their website in recent months and they continue to improve the services and offerings available online. DMV services for iphone and android customers have improved, better enabling the opportunity for consumers to renew registration, titles and drivers licenses online.

Self-service kiosks have been added to select Southern California DMV field offices so that consumers can, according to a DMV spokesperson, “obtain your stickers in a few minutes or less.” The self-service terminals capitalize on the popularity of web services, which, are “used by more than 15,000 people daily.” One genuine advantage of the kiosk is the ability for consumers to use cash to complete their transaction. And, while they kiosk does not offer much beyond access to their newly redesigned website, the ability to pay registration with cash, without having to wait in line is a welcome addition.

Improved Online Registration Services

If you don’t live in San Diego, where the self-service registration kiosks have been initially rolled out, and you don’t want to visit the DMV office, the California Department of Motor Vehicles maintains contracts with a number of vendors who provide titling and registration services on behalf of the DMV. While many don’t accept cash as a payment option, their online services are typically much faster than a standard DMV transaction, and they can provide electronic copies of registrations and fees paid, until the paperwork arrives in the mail. Where you might wait weeks and weeks for new registration stickers, the companies licensed to provide registration and titling services through the DMV can get you your registration stickers and paperwork, in many cases, overnight.

Smog Certificates and Car Insurance

Saving Time and Money on Your Car

Registering your vehicle with the California Department of Motor Vehicles can be a real headache. Unless you drive a vintage vehicle, you’ll need to submit your vehicle to a repair technician for a smog inspection. If you pass the smog inspection, and are issued a smog certification for your car, you’ll also need to be sure you have a current car insurance policy meeting the state mandated insurance minimums.
While there’s no avoiding the requirements to register your vehicle, you can save a little money by visiting a local TOS or test-only smog station. Many times, these guys can be bribed to pass your vehicle, particularly if the vehicle is in really bad shape and in need of many expensive repairs in order to pass an inspection. You can also buy your insurance online or use an insurance broker to find you really cheap car insurance.

Once you’ve got your auto insurance and SMOG certification out of the way, you can register your vehicle online and save yourself from the DMV line. Following the easy steps outlined above and you might just save some money and some time.

Insurance and Car Registration Online

California law requires insurance or proof of financial responsibility for any vehicle operated or parked on a California roadway. If you live and drive in California and you plan to visit for your DMV registration online you’re going to need car insurance. Even if your record isn’t perfect you can still get quotes for car insurance online. A number of auto insurance carriers specialize in insuring drivers with tickets and accidents on their records. Buying car insurance is as easy as picking up the phone or clicking the mouse. Don’t wait inline or at an office. Get cheap insurance rates from your computer and complete your California motor vehicle registration online.